Friday, November 4, 2011

Sick day

We had our WAM (women about missions) Tuesday night, which I enjoy so much.  We eat, fellowship, have devotion, and do a mission project each month at the church.  We did some Shoe Box ministry things last night and just enjoyed one another's company.  Great food too.

However, about 12 am my tummy was soooooo upset and stayed that way until 4.  So the potty and I were best friends during those 4 hours.  No one else that was there got sick so I guess it was a virus.  I sprayed LOTS of Lysol hoping no one else here would get sick.

So needless to say I didn't feel like doing school on Wednesday, so we took Craig to make a hospital visit in Dothan and ran some personal errands while we were there.  I was exhausted and still a bit queasy but it was a nice family day.

Chillin in the car while Daddy was in the hospital making a visit!  (I don't know what AC was doing with that tongue!)

We had some lunch at Chick-fil-A and Abby and Kyndal played some, but I didn't get any pics because I was busy feeding AC 3 chicken nuggets.  You heard me right, she is finally eating lots from the table and doing well, she is finally starting to chew her food.

We had a gift card to Chill, which is a frozen yogurt place like Yogurt Mountain, so we went and enjoyed some yogurt too.  Anna Claire sat between me and Craig and would just turn her head back and forth for bites.  She is hilarious.  She likes to eat, a lot!

Chill had these neat polka dots on the wall where the kids could write on them with chalk!  AC thought she was big stuff!  That cute outfit was bought by MeMe when Abby was a baby, it has now been through 3 girls, I would say that was money well spent!!!

We had to make a Publix run and they rode in the car buggy as you can see.  Anna Claire giggled through the whole store, she LOVED that buggy.  It was too cute! 

I do feel much better now, just hoping no one else catches any nasty germs!

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