Saturday, November 19, 2011

Field Day with PCA

The girls had Field Day yesterday with their home school covering.  They had a blast.

They had to see who could eat the doughnut without it falling off the rope.  Someone hit the rope though and all their doughnuts went flying!!!  Abby looked up and said my doughnut flew off!  It was hilarious.  Kyndal didn't want to participate in this event!

They were running and sitting on balloons filled with flour, then racing back for the next person to come. 

Barrel racing!  Also quite hilarious!

3 legged race!  Again very very very funny, I was about rolling on the ground laughing!

Long jump!

My kids actually petting a dog, we were shocked so I had to take a picture!

Shooting basket game!  One time AC got in the way and the ball hit her on the head and all the kids starting laughing and AC starting busting out laughing, it was too funny!  I was just glad she wasn't crying.

She was just enjoying walking all over the place and watching the kids and getting some special attention!  I know her hair looks crazy, but she takes EVERYTHING out of her hair.  I even started putting rubber bands in it thinking she wouldn't take it out, boy was I wrong.  Oh well, not a battle worth fighting especially with a 17th month old.

They played several more games and ate pizza.  After field day Abby and Kyndal went home with their friend Blaire for the afternoon.  We had a Sunday School dinner to go to that evening, so we went and picked A and K up and headed to dinner in Clayton.  While AC was suppose to be napping she was really playing, so she was quite exhausted come 8:30pm when we left the restaurant.  So this is how she looked when we arrived home......

Must be comfy!!!

It was a good and fun day!

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