Thursday, November 10, 2011

Picking Pecans

We have a pecan tree in the front yard and the back yard.  We are not pecan lovers here, but the girls do love to pick them up.  We have some sweet older ladies in the church who they give them to and there is also an older man in the neighborhood who picks them out of the yard.  So they just gather them up in bags and sit them on the front porch for the neighbor to get.

For some reason they think it's easier to pick them up from a bike!!!

And while they had their fun outside, little bit did this........

She ate her lunch and then sucked her thumb!!  Her two favorite things to do these days... eat and suck her thumb.

She will be 17 months old tomorrow.  She has discovered that she loves to eat, and she will pretty much eat anything.  Tonight we had spaghetti, which the last 3 times I fed her that she would not eat it.  While me and the older girls were at gymnastics tonight, AC stayed home with Craig and he fed her dinner, which was a bowl of Gerber soup, a cup of fruit, some banana, a cookie, and her milk.  When we got home to eat she was eating off of Craig's plate and Kyndal's and was opening her mouth to anyone that would be willing to give her a bite.  The child loves to eat.  Far cry from the time she was born when she wouldn't eat anything for 2 days straight.  She is now walking all the time, she doesn't crawl at all anymore.  She is still a really good baby, but we are still in that "whining" stage!!!

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