Saturday, March 3, 2012

Around here

Anna Claire finally seems to be getting better.  This crud has had her messed up for over a week.  She still has a runny nose and coughs occasionally, but she seems alot better.  The girl is a handfull.  Thursday and Friday she cried alot during the morning before lunch and naptime.  Friday I thought about pulling my hair out.  It is really difficult to teach two kids while the baby is crying, loudly, most of the time.  She wouldn't eat lunch yesterday either, so I just laid her down at 11:30.  At 3:45 I went and woke her up.  I don't know if she is going through a growth spurt or maybe cutting some more molars, or what, but she took a long nap on Thursday as well.

One of Abby and Kyndal's friends, Blair, came over yesterday after lunch to play for a few hours.  They played outside most of the time, in the mud I might add.  They kept pouring water in the dirt to make more mud, lovely.  Yes they got nasty too.  Kyndal even had mud in her hair.  They came in to watch a movie, but after 30 minutes they were ready to go outside again.  When Blair's mom got here they went to hide.  When we went in to find them they were on the bed, yes with the clothes that they had been playing in the mud.  Needless to say those bed covers got washed, haha!  They had lots of fun, and that's all that matters.

Last night Craig and I had planned to go to dinner here in town alone since his birthday is in 2 weeks, but he will be in SC doing a revival.  Once we got to the sweet folks house that were keeping the girls they said there was a tornado about 70 miles south of us.  We went on and left, but I was a "little" nervous.  I called them while we were eating to see what was going on with the weather and she said it seemed to calm down some and thought it was fine.  We were only 5 minutes from them.  So we enjoyed a really great meal and conversation. 

Today it's suppose to rain all day, so I just cleaned the house and washed some clothes and doing lesson plans.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Yummy lunch!

Doing some reading and writing

She loves to climb up and sit on the water  (I just noticed that it looks like she has a mohawk in this picture, but she doesn't)!!!

Dirty hands!

Trampoline fun

Their mud pit

After school and a crying baby, I was finally able to take a shower and start getting ready for dinner!

Watching a movie while I cleaned!!!
(Notice that hand in her hair, all the time)

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