Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Outside fun

Yesterday we spent much of the day outside.  It was such a beautiful day.  It was a bit cool before lunch, but after lunch it had warmed up a good bit.  We went to the playground at the church, and walked a little, and played in the backyard.  Abby had co-op too.  The pollen is making it's sweet appearance as well.

Roan has a blog that I like to read and she is currently having surgery as I type.  She tells her story on her blog if you are interested, but please be in prayer for her and her family during this time.  She has such a sweet spirit.

AC seems to be doing good.  I'm hoping the medicine doesn't disturb her stomach, because it is a rather strong antibiotic that has that potential.  She certainly enjoyed playing outside yesterday.  I did keep her ears covered while it was cool and windy.

Monday night I had a homeschool meeting and last night I had a women's missions meeting.  It was nice to get out by myself with other sweet women for a couple of hours two nights in a row.

Clean and still having fun!!

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