Monday, March 5, 2012

She does...

have an ear infection.  We made the long haul to Opelika this morning to wait for an hour before seeing the doctor and AC does have an ear infection in one ear and one beginning in the other ear.  So glad we went.  If you would have seen her in there this morning you would have wondered why we were even there.  She was bouncing around like a wild woman.  I figured I was wasting time and money, but so glad we went anyways. 

She literally jumped off of the weighing bed, she was not a happy camper to be messed with.  She weighs 23 pounds. 

It is beautiful out today.  It made for a nice drive, but I was getting sleepy on the way home.  We did stop for some lunch before heading back and I was going to stop in Target but I had a full workout with 3 little kiddos at the doctors office and lunch and was ready to get back!!!

We had school before we left and finished when we got home while AC took a nap.  Just cooked some dinner and after we eat I have a homeschool meeting.  Long, but good day.

Can't sit still for a minute

Gotta love AC's expression here!

Zaxby's  (AC wasn't digging this pic either)


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Roan said...

Thank you for your prayers. I have felt a sense of peace today, and I attribute that to sweet people like you praying!
I hope AC feels better soon. Ear infections can make the little ones miserable.