Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fellowship with friends

Last Saturday evening we went to some sweet folks house for dinner.  It was so good, as usual, and the fellowship was great too.  The girls went early to play with Lexie, and they had lots of fun.  The weather was so nice outside.

She actually wanted me to hold her most of the time, but she did play for about 5 minutes.

The big girls eating outside!

Anna Claire usually won't have anything to do with Mrs. Bobbie no matter how hard she tries, but she finally let her hold her for just a few minutes.  Mrs. Bobbie wanted proof!!!

The guys talking!

Mrs. Bobbie was gently rubbing AC's face and she about fell asleep!  It was soooo funny.

Silly girls having fun and making a mess!

My mom and sister are coming to visit while Craig is gone to SC.  We are looking forward to their visit for sure.  Praying Craig has a safe trip and great revival services.

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The Tiny Team said...

Your little ones are so SWEET! Cutie pies!