Friday, March 30, 2012


We had gymnastics yesterday, so we left a little early to do some grocery shopping and I got me a couple of dresses too!  Not at the grocery store though!LOL 

We decided, we are going to skip spring break and do some school work on a few Saturday's so we can be done with school two weeks early.  We were set to finish on May 23, now we will finish on May 12.  Yeah!

Craig took a young boy from church fishing today and Kyndal went with him.  She was super excited for some time with her daddy and for fishing.  She called me a minute ago and said she caught 2 fish!  I wish I had pics, but I don't.

Poor little Anna Claire has a cold again!  I don't know if it's allergies or not, but she is sneezing and has a runny nose.  She has a really small temperature too.  She does go to the doctor next week for a follow up from her ear infection.  I hope she is feeling much better by then.

I am going to make the big girls a chore chart today, and I pumped.  They do help out, but sometimes I have to remind them quite often, so I thought a chart might help!

I bought an electric pencil sharpener today and it seems to eat the pencil more than sharpen it!

Teaching a child to read is Really not easy for me.  It may be for some, but not for me.  There are SO many rules and exceptions and trying to explain all of that to a 6 year old can just be difficult sometimes.  I'm glad Abby learned at school!

Speaking of school, Abby and Kyndal are both doing very well.  I'm very proud of them both.  Abby is not a fan of math, but she is doing good.

That's enough, hope everyone has a great weekend!

She loves to carry around this bucket!

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Tesha said...

Allison, teaching reading has been hard for me also. My advice-- don't be hard on yourself, everyone learns at different stages. We got a great chore system from Titus 2 ministry's.....these little clip on reminders for the kids with instructions and pics. Although we have not used them since Jonathan went to heaven. I realllly need to get back to it. SO glad to hear school is going well. Saying a prayer for ANNA's cold.