Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shop till you drop

Saturday we went shopping in Dothan with mom.  We got the girls Easter dresses and a few spring/summer outfits.  We had a good lunch and just enjoyed some sweet time with Grandmother.

This is the only pic I got while we were out.  AC wanted to walk, so Kyndal hopped in the stroller, she said she was tired of walking!!!!!!!

Monday, we left the house at 9 am and headed to Columbus so Eron could register for her baby shower.  We got back home that afternoon at 5:15 pm.  Whew, it was a long, rather hot day, but it was fun.  We went into so many stores, I lost count, and with 4 kids at that.  We enjoyed some good lunch together and some good ice cream from Bruster's.  We enjoyed the day out with one another.  I got some good deals on some Easter/spring/summer shoes for all 3 girls.  Yeah!

Registering at Babies R Us (we had two buggies and made them all ride to try and contain the craziness!)

Registering at Target (AC was in the stroller)

How much longer of this????

I'm done!!!

I knew that after lunch, it may get difficult for Anna Claire, because she naps after lunch everyday for about 3 hours.  However, after lunch we still a few more stops to make.  I put her in her stroller hoping she may fall asleep and she did.  Success!  We had a fun day!

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