Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trail & Homemade Ice Cream

We have been walking on the trail pretty regularly, at least 3-4 days a week.  As we were leaving to go yesterday, the bottom fell out.  Craig had left before us, because he likes to walk faster than us.  He of course got caught in the rain.  We waited until the rain quit and got out to meet him.  After getting .25 miles down the trail it started raining again.  I was already wondering if I should have Anna Claire out since she has a cold, so we ran back to the car.  Before it rained, I got me some pics as we lingered waiting on Craig!

After dinner, Craig made his first (of many I'm sure) batch of homemade ice cream.  He loves to make it, and the girls love for him to.  While they did that, I did some 30 day shred.  I guess if you exercise, you can eat ice cream, right?!?!?

The Pilgrimage is this weekend, and we had planned to stroll around town today, but it's been raining ever since yesterday afternoon.  Soooo, we have been washing, drying, putting away, and ironing clothes, doing school, washing dishes, cleaning out drawers, and about to start pricing things for the yard sale.

This child has a ton of energy and could entertain herself for hours!

Her favorite seat in the house!

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Tesha said...

YES exercise totally = ice cream especially if it is homemade! I love the cut pics.