Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday night we had a pastor's dinner to attend.  It was nice, however no other children showed up, so it was just ours, but that's okay!

Getting a picture with Anna Claire looking at the camera is almost impossible!

Saturday, we went to Columbus and did some more spring/summer shopping for the girls, and I scored two dresses myself!  I took my camera with every intention to take a couple of pics, and never took the camera out, boo.  We had a nice lunch together and just enjoyed the day out in the beautiful weather.  We had a meeting at 3 pm and afterwards the girls played outside, we went for a family walk on the trail, and then I cooked dinner.  It was a very nice family day.

Sunday, we had two great services and more beautiful weather.  After lunch, the baby took a nap and Craig went for a walk on the trail and when he got home, the big girls and I went for a walk on the trail.  It's not their most favorite thing to do, but I intend on making them exercise regularly.

She was just a dancing with her bear!


Angie Vik said...

Love your youngest daughter's little pink flip flops.

Tesha said...

Thank you for the prayers sweet mamma. Love the pics of your girls. I joined so i wont miss your post!