Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Daddy (my husband).  He left just before lunch to head to SC for revival, but we did have a birthday dinner last night while in Dothan at LaParrilla.  This morning, we went for breakfast, cleaned our cars, and then he packed and left.  The big girls had total melt downs, but seem a little better now.  Not so sure how the rest of school will go as far as them being able to focus, but we will give it our best shot.  We will miss dad, but are looking forward to see how the Lord will work through him while he is there.  We will have sweet company to keep us entertained too.

Craig, you are a wonderful husband, daddy, and pastor.  I honestly couldn't have a better person to share this life with and I am extremely grateful.  I pray we have many many more years to grow together this side of Heaven, (unless Jesus comes back to take us all)!!!  You are such a blessing in our family.

We had to make a trip to Publix (I love that store)!

LOVE these girls

We love you BIG Craig and hope you have a most Wonderful day!  Happy Birthday!!!


Tesha said...

So Sweet, Daddy and all the girls that love him!

Tesha said...

Hi Alison so a friend of me tagged me in a blog game, it was kind of fun. I tagged you so if you want to play-- follow the instructions on my blog.
Many blessing to you,