Saturday, March 10, 2012


Craig on his 35th birthday.  His birthday is really next Friday, but he will be leaving for SC to do a revival.  Everyday next week we have something to do, so we celebrated last night.  The girls and I told him he couldn't come to the house between 2:30 and 5:30 because we had a project and he couldn't see it until it was finished, but he did need to be home at 5:30.  We made dinner and a cake for him.  We had the table set and ready.  We had balloons and Abby and Kyndal made him a banner and they all 3 made him cards. 

Last week he mentioned that one day he would like to get the new Tiger Woods wii golf game.  He Never asks for anything, so I thought that would make a great birthday gift for him.  I couldn't buy it until yesterday or I would have ruined the surprise.  I'm not good at keeping surprises. 

He seemed thrilled by the whole night and we were thrilled to make the night about him.

We put a row of 3 candles and a row of 5 candles.  Craig said oh am I 8!?!?

After he started eating this, he said did ya'll really make this, it's so good?  Um yeah we did, that's why it's so good!!!

I had to fight her to eat her dinner, but she sure was excited and ready to eat when the cake came out!

He was surprised and excited!

Trying it out!

This pic is not related to the celebration, but these two came out for school this morning dressed alike and had their ribbons on as belts.  I thought it was so cute and wanted to take a picture.  Abby covered hers up and I said why are you doing that, and she said because I know you will put it on the blog!!!  Funny girls!


Laura said...

What a cute family!
Over from Kelly's. Nice to meet you. :)

eronmiller said...

Happy Birthday Bubba!!!!!!!!!!

Tesha said...

How sweet! What a blessed daddy to have so much love. Such cute girls.

Laurie said...

Awww how fun!

My daughter is the only girl in the family and sometimes I feel bad for her not having someone to be a girl with other than me. I'm not to good at the "girl" thing. Ha!

My mom always calls doing things like this "making memories" and that's exactly what you're doing with those sweet girls.